Bulloch County Schools upgrading security measures

BULLOCH CO., GA (WTOC) - How safe are your students at school? Bulloch County's superintendent and others hope equipment, and eventually, officers in all schools can help.

They have some new money to buy things for their buildings, but it won't cover everything they want.

The halls of Statesboro High may be quiet for summer break, but the discussion of keeping students safe doesn't take a vacation. A safety grant from the state for nearly $100,000 could help add safety features around the district's 15 campuses, but it will only go so far in a $2 million list of upgrades.

"For example, a door barrier for every door in this school district will add up, but we may be able to use this $93,000 to cover some of that, for example," said Charles Wilson, Bulloch County Superintendent.

One discussion has centered on school resource officers. Currently, the district relies on local police and sheriff's offices to send officers or deputies to their largest schools. Wilson says they hope to contract with those agencies for more of a presence.

"What that means is the officer isn't just stopping by and checking on the school, and we appreciate when they do that now, but what we're trying to do is get one assigned officer for every school," Wilson said.

He hopes resource officers can build relationships with students and possibly deter school attacks like the recent ones in Florida and Texas.

Superintendent Wilson says they have no deadline or timetable to get officers in place - just sooner rather than later - when they get a plan formed with local law enforcement.

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