Charles Ellis Montessori parents leave meeting with SPD with unanswered questions

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some new information is coming out of a meeting between Savannah Police and parents of students at Charles Ellis Montessori Tuesday night.

Savannah Police were on their way to arrest a Charles Ellis teacher, Robert Anderson, for possession of child porn and sexually exploiting children when officers found him dead in his home last week.

Tuesday, SPD leadership met to hear concerns and address what they could in the early stages of the investigation into the allegations against Anderson, but many questions went unanswered. As parents walked into the meeting, they were given a sheet of paper asking for their name, phone number, and email address.

Parents were also asked to write their questions down, and that frustrated a good number in the room who wondered why bother even going to an in-person meeting if they weren't getting their questions answered during the meeting, or possibly at all.

"There is no crime more serious to the Savannah Police Department than crimes against children. Period," said Savannah Police Interim Chief Mark Revenew.

At the meeting, our mic picked up their frustrations at the lack of information that they hoped to get, and didn't.

Revenew told parents, "There's nothing for you to have fear right now."

One parent fired back, "So why are we here? If you're not giving us any information, why are we here?"

Chief Revenew pointed out partnerships with the other agencies like the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children who are helping with this investigation, and that's some new information. Revenew also addressed perhaps the biggest concern for parents in the room.

"No information we have at this point, and again this is preliminary, that anything that Mr. Anderson did was in his role as an employee of the school system. Nothing indicates that any children, but again, it is preliminary, but even if it was, this isn't the forum to discuss that," Revenew said.

Parents also asked about ways to help police in the investigation, ways to be more proactive.

One parent spoke up, "If a parent is concerned that their child has been possibly involved, is it possible for them to contact you or send a picture of their child?"
Revenew responded, "Of course, we're always available."

Another parent asked again, "What do we do?"

"There's nothing to indicate what you're saying has occurred." The parent then asked, "But how do you know?"

"That's it, we don't," Revenew replied.

School Superintendent Ann Levett called what's been revealed since Friday 'a sad situation,'  and reiterated several times for parents to submit questions for police and district staff to review.

No timeline was given on how quickly parent's questions would be answered.

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