City of Tybee needs volunteers to look for illegal fireworks

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - The City of Tybee is looking for volunteers to help spot illegal fireworks, especially around the Fourth of July holiday.

Although fireworks are legal on the island, it's illegal to set them off on the beach, and the city is worried about the impact the fireworks will have on wildlife like birds and nesting sea turtles. They're also worried about the impact it might have on peoples' homes.

The fireworks professionally handled for holidays like the Fourth of July should be the only ones you see from the beach this summer. There's an ordinance banning setting off any kind of fireworks, from aerials to sparklers, and doing so could cost you at least a $500 fine. Police are hoping they don't have to write those tickets though, and they'll be putting up signs and even message boards along Highway 80 to soon warn visitors who might not be familiar with the local law. Tybee Police say the volunteer program is all about increasing their reach when it comes to cracking down on beach firework use.

"In the past, we've had problems with where we will get a call for fireworks, and of course, as you know, by the time we get there, they have moved down the beach a little bit. So, we are hoping with volunteers that they would be able to walk up and down the beach and call us on the cell phone to say, 'hey, there's people at a particular location,' so that we know specifically where to go," said Captain Joseph Fobes, TIPD.

The city held a meeting Tuesday night to get volunteers on board, but you can still sign up if you're interested, Just contact the city or the police department.

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