Driver strikes Ellabell home with vehicle, flees the scene

ELLABELL, GA (WTOC) - A driver crashed a vehicle into a house in Ellabell Sunday morning and then drove away.

The residents of the home say they didn't hear anything Sunday morning. They only realized what happened after they got a knock at the door.

"Woke up the next morning and my wife said there was a deputy sheriff at the door," said Glynn Horne, a resident of the home. "I looked out the door and debris was all over the jeep and someone had run into the left side of the garage."

The impact caused not only damage to the structure but also to a car under the garage. The homeowner says whoever did this left nothing behind.

"There's no evidence," said Linda Mingledorff. "They left nothing here. Nothing here. We don't know who it was, what it was, we know nothing except my house is destroyed."

It appears the vehicle came through the yard barely missing a tree.

Mingledorff said no one has run through her house before, but many people have hit trees and a fence in her yard. She wishes the intersection was marked better.

"A flashing light. Anything. Before someone dies. There have been many near-death experiences," she said.

The residents are thankful everyone is okay but they still want answers.

"The one thing that irritates me about it is if the person would have just said something so we would at least know that number one, they're alright and number two, that we could have a process that is complete of how it happened and why it happened," said Horne.

If you have any information on this, you're urged to call the Bryan County Sheriff's Office at 912.653.2899.

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