Don't Be a Victim: Summer property crime

Don't Be a Victim: Summer property crime

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - As temperatures outside start to spike, so does property crime.

WTOC has some advice from police on how to protect your home in this week's Don't Be a Victim report.

"Due to the heat and things getting hot outside, generally, property crimes will increase," said Sharif Lockett, Savannah Police Department, Crime Prevention Officer.

Police say it's not just a myth. Crime really does heat up in the summer, but there are some easy steps you can take to cut down on your chances of becoming a victim of property crime. First, don't make criminals' jobs easy by leaving things unlocked, including cars and sheds. Make sure you close your garage door.

"Because it only takes just a matter of seconds for somebody to walk up your driveway, steal numerous items from your garage, and they may have a way into your residence as well," Lockett said.

Be careful with your trash. Leaving a box from a big-ticket item on the street could be an advertisement for thieves.

"And that might just be the cue for someone to go inside a residence to get that item."

Light up your property. Hiding under the cloak of darkness makes sneaking around someone's property a lot easier. Consider installing motion detectors.

Maintain your lawn and landscape. Cut back shrubs so criminals don't have a place to hide at night. Consider a security system, including security cameras. Not only could that deter a criminal, it could also give police something to go on if you are a victim.

Also, make sure you record serial numbers.

"So we always try to tell people to at least try to e-mail yourself serial numbers because no matter what computer you log onto, what phone, you will always have that, at least by e-mail."

Don't be a victim.

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