Consider This: Gray Television buys Raycom Media

Consider This: Gray Television buys Raycom Media

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Earlier this week, it was announced the WTOC's parent company, Raycom Media, has agreed to sell all its television stations and productions holdings to Gray Television - an Atlanta-based media company.

This will be WTOC's third corporate owner since William Knight sold his family station to Aflac in 1979.

Gray, whose origins trace back to media ownership in Albany, GA like our previous two corporate owners, has an incredibly strong history of localism and community commitment.

Consider This: WTOC has both literally and philosophically always stood for Welcome to Our City, and really, more to the point, Welcome to Our Community. Since we first signed on as Savannah's first television station in 1954, our focus then, as it is now, is how can we best service our viewers, be it through quality journalism, expert weather forecasting, or live broadcasts of community events and parades. That's the hallmark of WTOC, and that won't change.

WTOC has always made our coverage and business relationship decisions locally, and that won't change either.

What will change - through our new ownership - is a corporate scale that will make this television station more stable and vibrant in an ever-changing industry. Our local reach has grown, and so must our company to keep up with the demand.

I can assure you that WTOC - as it was the first day we signed on the air - will remain committed to our community, because the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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