Hundreds of reported jellyfish stings on Hilton Head Island

Hundreds of reported jellyfish stings on Hilton Head Island

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - Many of you will be out at the beaches Wednesday with your families, enjoying the Fourth of July, so it's important to make sure you are aware of a sea animal you may encounter if you're in the Lowcountry...jellyfish!

In one specific location on Hilton Head Island, there were reports of over 200 stings in one day. Out of the over 13 miles of beach, it's possible that they could get over 1,000 reports a day.

Hilton Head Beach Services says it's a busy time of year for jellyfish, and this season lasts until about August. The most common type of jellyfish people are seeing is the Sea Nettle Jellyfish. If you see caution flags flying, you can ask the lifeguard why and they will tell you that lately, it's because of the jellyfish. Beach Services doesn't want to scare anyone away from the beach, but they do want you to be aware and take precaution, especially with children.

"You know, you're just going to feel something in the water, It could feel like a burn, like a sting. There's a number of different descriptions people will have. Usually, on the sting, it'll be a little red. You'll see a little welting."

Beach Services also says lifeguards carry vinegar because it helps neutralize the sting. You can carry it yourself in order to be more prepared, or you can find the nearest lifeguard if you just so happen to come into contact with a jellyfish.

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