Remembering The Grey restaurant GM killed one year ago during downtown violence

Remembering Savannah bartender killed one year ago during City Market violence

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - One year ago, three people were killed and eight others hurt when a shooting in Savannah's City Market led to a police chase and deadly crash.

Around 12:15 a.m. on July 5, 2017, just after Savannah's Fourth of July activities, three people were shot near Jefferson Street and West St. Julian Street.

Shah Bobonis was working at a bar in Midtown Savannah that night. When it closed early, he headed downtown to visit his fiancé at work.

"Maybe two minutes after I'm walking towards the city center, I started hearing gunshots," Bobonis said. "[I] got behind a trashcan for a little bit until I stopped hearing the gunshots, and then I ran towards people running in the opposite direction to make sure that my fiance was okay. It kind of feels like an out of body experience."

Jerry Chambers was the alleged shooter that night and the driver of a white SUV. He led police on a chase, ending with a crash at Bay and Barnard streets. Bobonis says he didn't hear about the crash until the next day. Trooper Chris Cuddington responded to it.

"I don't ride by this spot right here without thinking about the events of that night," Cuddington said.

He said there were so many officers on Bay Street that he couldn't get to the crash site.

"It was an extremely lot to take in, yes ma'am," he said. "It was pretty much mass chaos for a little bit. I mean, there were cop cars all over the place."

Two passengers in the SUV and Scott Waldrup were killed in what Cuddington said is one of the worst accidents he has ever worked. While he's trained for it, he says you're never quite prepared for it.

"No, it's not," Cuddington said. "It's something you don't forget. The sad situation is he lost his life trying to save other peoples' lives. It's just a senseless tragedy."

Scott Waldrup was a well-known General Manager at The Grey in downtown Savannah. The restaurant remembered Waldrup, saying:

I can honestly say there is not a day that goes by at The Grey that Scott is not brought up by someone on the team or a guest. It is always something he did or said that brought happiness to one or more of us. There is a hole here and I am certain it will never be filled.

As Chambers waits to face a jury, Bobonis, who also knew Waldrup from working in the service industry, says the trial is a chance for closure.

Trial is scheduled for November.

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