First hurricane of the season forms in the southeastern Atlantic

First hurricane of the season has formed in the Atlantic

Hurricane Beryl is producing sustained winds of 75 MPH early Friday morning, as it moves westward – well to the southeast of the Caribbean Sea.

Further strengthening is forecast over the next 24 to 30 hours. While not currently forecast, there is a small chance that Beryl may reach Category Two status.

Good News! Rapid weakening is expected as Beryl approaches the Caribbean Islands early next week. In fact, the first hurricane of the season may not be a tropical system, altogether, by next Tuesday. Gusty breezes and heavy rains are still possible across the northern Caribbean islands, but hurricane impacts are not expected.

Weakening is expected to occur, primarily, because of increasing wind shears; wind above the surface that cuts the tops off of thunderstorms and keeps tropical systems weaker.

Further north, another area of storminess exists between the Bahamas and Bermuda.

This area of low pressure is currently not tropical, but has a 50-percent chance of becoming a tropical system within the next few days. It is going to sit in that same general area, then get pulled out to sea by an approaching cold front early next week.

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