Celebratory gunfire damages car in Savannah, home in Beaufort County

Celebratory gunfire damages car in Savannah, home in Beaufort County
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(Source: WTOC)
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(Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Frightening incidents in Savannah and Beaufort County have law enforcers and citizens reminding you not to fire off celebratory gunfire.

Bullets went through at least one home in Beaufort County and a car in Savannah this Fourth of July holiday.

The bullet shattered the back window of an SUV in Savannah's Ardsley Park neighborhood. In Beaufort County, a bullet ended up in a family's living room. Luckily, neither bullet hurt anyone.

"I opened up the door and I found it on the bottom floor of my backseat," said Nina Schneider.

The bullet went through Schneider's window sometime Wednesday night during July 4th celebrations.

"In this case, I have to deal with the consequences of somebody else's behavior. They probably didn't even think about it at the time," Schneider said.

The incident is more of an inconvenience and cost-headache for her. It could have ended much worse in the busy Ardsley Park neighborhood.

"That easily could've been a kid. It could've been a group of people shooting off their fireworks," Schneider said. "Then a real tragedy comes from somebody who's trying to play around."

Across the state line in Beaufort County, a similar celebratory gunshot scared a family. A woman found a bullet in her living room Thursday.

"The old phrase 'what goes up must come down,' it's highly dangerous," said Beaufort County Sheriff Captain Bob Bromage. "It can end horribly. You have someone firing a rifle into the air and the projectile comes down into someone's house or ceiling and strikes them. Catastrophic."

The sheriff's office is also reminding people that shooting fireworks without a permit is illegal in Beaufort County.

"We urge people to watch fireworks instead of setting them off and to educate themselves on the law, what's illegal in certain areas," Bromage said.

Deputies will be looking for people setting off anything they have left over from July 4th. While it may be tough to find the people responsible for these incidents, law enforcers say you'll face a pretty stiff punishment if they do catch you.

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