Hometown Hero: Statesboro firefighters rescue 2 from burning building

Hometown Hero: Statesboro firefighters rescue 2 from burning building

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Firefighters can face danger any day at work, but never more so than trying to save people from a burning building.

Statesboro Fire had a dramatic rescue like that earlier this week. A middle-of-the-night call immediately became more alarming for members of the Statesboro Fire Department.

"While we were en route, headed to the fire,'' said Lieutenant Brad Bouchillon, "they said over the radio that they do have confirmed entrapment.''

"Once we arrived on scene,'' added Lieutenant Rabon Hutchinson, "we had (police officers) come to us and advise us that we had one in a window and one victim, their whereabouts were unknown.''

So, at a house fire at 4 a.m. on Monday, Bouchillon, Hutchinson and Firefighter Caleb New quickly did what they were trained to do - save lives.

"I saw a lot of smoke, saw heavy flame coming out of the back side of the building,'' said New, who drove the fire truck to the scene, which was less than two miles from the fire station. "I pretty much grabbed the ladder and took the ladder around get it ready to go ahead and throw it up and get that guy out of the window.''

Bouchillon focused on the man on the second story.

"I climbed up there and he didn't want to come out at first,'' said Bouchillon. "He was afraid he was going to fall, but I was able to coax him out and tell him 'I've got you, you're not going to fall.''

Hutchinson searched for and helped the woman who was trapped inside the building.

"We were able to locate her down a hallway in an adjacent apartment,'' Hutchinson said. "She was conscious until the point we got to her. When we got to her, she collapsed and we were able to remove her out the steps and our to safety.''

It was a trying incident even for firefighters turned into a successful rescue by these WTOC Hometown Heroes.

"In a structure fire, there's always a bit of excitement,'' Bouchillon said. "But when you have a confirmed victim, you really get more focused and it changes the game a little bit because that's your main focus.''

"It's a good feeling,'' New added. "Knowing we made a difference in somebody's life; that's really something you can take home.''

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