Metter Police investigating reports of counterfeit money

Metter Police investigating reports of counterfeit money

CANDLER CO., GA (WTOC) - Police in Metter are asking for your help in stopping the spread of counterfeit money.

Police say a local bank notified them of five fake bills showing up in local deposits, from local businesses, and even City Hall. They're asking local businesses to be alert when they take larger bills; in this case, 50s and 20s. Detectives tell us a few seconds of inspection could save you a headache.

"If you take a few minutes or just seconds to examine the bill to make sure the bill is the right texture and that it's the right size that you know money to be," said Captain Kevin Wadley, Metter Police Department. "We're encouraging local business owners - if they think they've come across a counterfeit bill - to contact their bank and let the bank examine it."

Police are asking anyone who has a bill they think may be counterfeit to take it to their bank for closer inspection.

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