Cagle, Kemp campaigning in Coastal Empire for GOP governor runoff

Cagle, Kemp campaigning in Coastal Empire for GOP governor runoff

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp are in south Georgia this week battling for votes ahead of the runoff election.

Both candidates are seeking the GOP nomination for governor. We caught up with them to talk about how they are gearing up for what's projected to be a tight race.

The runoff is 11 days away and campaign signs are everywhere, especially for the two candidates seeking the GOP nomination. Both Cagle and Kemp have been trekking all across Georgia. This week, they've been in the Coastal Empire fighting for votes by taking a stance on important issues like Georgia's economy and immigration.

"We're going to be firm on making sure there's no safe harbor for criminal illegals in our state," Cagle said. "I do support the President in securing the border. No different than many of us locking our homes at night, locking our cars, and it's just not acceptable to come freely without some type of checkpoint."

"I was the first candidate in the race that started talking about public safety reform," Kemp said. "I have two detailed plans. One is to track and deport criminal illegals. People may remember my television ad with my big truck about that, but there is real policy behind that."

Voters were definitely listening when they talked about taxes. Cagle says he wants to lower income tax and Kemp says he wants to change how the government spends those taxes.

"I'm the only candidate that has reduced taxes by $5.7 billion with a plan to take us even under five percent income tax rate which will make us the lowest tax state in the country," Cagle said. "Continuing to be focused on the issues that are creating greater jobs for people to be able to provide for themselves and their families is a high priority of mine."

"I have a plan to cap spending to change the way the government spends taxes and operates," Kemp said. "If we do that budget conservatively, fund the things that we should in state government. Cut out the waste, then we can have real tax reform in the future."

Whoever wins the runoff will face Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams in November, and they both say they are prepared for the challenge.

"I'm the only candidate in this race, and every poll has shown that I can beat Stacey Abrams in November," Cagle said. "I will tell you it's critically important."

"I've fought her before and won. I've taken on her liberal group new Georgia project. We need a strong, unapologetic conservative that's going to fight to win that race, because it will be about the soul of our state," Kemp said. "I'm focused on letting the voters know out there that I'm the guy who will do the right thing when nobody is watching. We've gone to 37 counties in seven days telling people the truth about his lies and the positive message of our conservative four-point plan."

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