Good News: 71st Annual Watermelon Cutting held on GSU's Armstrong campus

Good News: 71st Annual Watermelon Cutting held on GSU's Armstrong campus
(Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A slice of Statesboro came to Savannah Thursday, building the link between Georgia Southern and Armstrong.

Watermelons were split, and in doing so, two corners of the same school became a little more united.

"It has been awesome meeting new people, talking to people, and seeing both campuses," said Shelley Clark Nickel, Georgia Southern Interim President.

One of Georgia Southern University's oldest traditions, the annual watermelon cutting, came to the Armstrong campus with the hope that the still new merger between the schools would be helped by making students in Savannah feel a little more part of the school based in Statesboro.

"I got to meet the president. I hadn't met her yet, but she introduced herself to me, so I've been meeting a lot of the administration," said Janna Hines, student, Georgia Southern, Armstrong campus.

It's one administration now and one university sharing traditions and a history moving forward.

"I saw the Facebook page that put up the 71st Watermelon Cutting, but it's the first for our campus," Hines said.

"It's just a time for people to get out, have some fun, and eat some cold watermelon," Nickel said.

"I texted it to my friends on the group and we were like, 'you should all come out there too,' and so they also came out, so we're all here enjoying watermelon and each other," Hines said.

Georgia Southern held a watermelon cutting ceremony on the Statesboro campus Tuesday.

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