Memorial Health looking to hire nurses

Memorial Health looking to hire nurses

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Memorial Health in Savannah is looking to hire at least 100 Registered Nurses - with a big push coming in the next 90 days.

Their message to you is simple: Apply and join their team.

Every day, hundreds of nurses walk through Memorial's doors for work. The hospital is looking to add to their ranks through recruitment.

"Healthcare is a forever-changing environment. Right now, we have a lot of needs. Our patients are ill, getting sicker and sicker, so it's really important that we have the right skill set," said Alisa Griner, Memorial Health VP of HR.

The hospital and their new owner, HCA, are taking part in a campaign aiming to hire 500 nurses in the Southeast district in the next 90 days. They're always looking for the next batch of nurses to join their team.

"We're doing recruitment fairs every two weeks where we do on the spot interview days and make offers to RNs for those positions. We've got a lot of quality nurses coming in right now with experience, and we're excited about that," Griner said.

The hospital's vice president for HR says hiring in healthcare is more challenging now than in the past due to all the options nurses now have. They focus on selling their strengths to make much-needed hires.

"We have to sell what we have at Memorial being the quality care that we provide, level 1 trauma center, level 3 neonatal center, so it just depends on what the nurse is looking for, but we want to definitely sell what we have at Memorial."

The hospital isn't just hiring nurses. They're hiring in other departments as well. You can see a full list of positions here.

If you're interested but not ready to apply, Griner says don't worry, you can take part in on-site interviews, tour the hospital, and even talk to managers without applying.

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