City open to bidders for arena project in Savannah

City open to bidders for arena project in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The city of Savannah is increasing its option when it comes to the businesses they're using to construct its new arena.

More than 120 people packed into a meeting room at the Savannah Civic Center Thursday for the Arena Construction Fair. The goal was to encourage businesses to learn more about the arena project and connect subcontractors with the firms bidding on the project.

"It is important that local businesses benefit from this effort," said Carol Bell, Savannah Mayor Pro Tem. "Yes, we can build an arena or we could take bids for this project and provide opportunities for people from all over the country, but these are the people who live here, who pay taxes here, who have invested in the community for all these years, so it's only right that they have an opportunity to share in the pie."

Potential subcontractors were given the opportunity to network with contractors bidding on the project and connect with organizations offering free business services.

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