Shocking details revealed after Beaufort County teachers arrested, charged with giving alcohol to minors

Shocking details revealed after Beaufort County teachers arrested, charged with giving alcohol to minors

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - We're getting new details into the WTOC 24-hour Newsroom about an incident that led to the arrest of two Beaufort County teachers.

Brittney Whetzel and Akina Andrews were both arrested and charged with giving alcohol to students. Deputies say Whetzel took it farther, having sex with two students.

We got our hands on the investigative file. Some of the details are shocking and too graphic to report. It's 147 pages long, but we took some time to break it down to give you the details on how the teachers were caught as well as some of the details and text messages surrounding that night.

Andrews and Whetzel were initially reported when they started a group chat with another teacher. She reported it to the assistant principal who reported it to police.

They were both arrested. Whetzel was charged with two counts of sexual battery and three counts of transfer of beer or wine for an underage person's consumption.

It's the details of the police report that are even more shocking. It details how Whetzel and Andrews knowingly bought the alcohol and let the students drink it. It goes even more in detail, with two of the students admitting to having sex with Whetzel during an interview with investigators. Whetzel started a group chat about it with Akina Andrews and another teacher.

Whetzel says in the chat that she 'can't control herself,' and then goes on to explain how she had sex with him and how they were drinking.

Andrews says during that night that she felt uncomfortable when she witnessed what was happening between Whetzel and the student. The other teacher in the group chat also says she felt uncomfortable, so she reported it.

Police say over 60 messages from this group chat had been deleted and could not be recovered. In them, investigators say Whetzel referenced sex with the student. Other things found on her cell phone show internet searches of her asking, 'Can you date your high school teacher after you graduate?'

Both Andrews and Whetzel were fired and face charges of providing alcohol to minors. Whetzel is also facing two felony counts of sexual battery.

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