Military fraternity hosts back to school event

Military fraternity hosts back to school event

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A military fraternity took the time to give back to local kids in the Savannah area on Saturday. They say that they spent so many years in the service with people giving to them to show their support, so they wanted to finally return the favor.

"Coming down the road to serve someone comes natural for us being all either active duty or veterans from the military service," said Valerie Perry, the President of Kappa Lambda Chi.

The group says they have often traveled to different locations, whether it included deployment or different duty stations, so traveling to different communities to give back to kids will always be on their agenda.

"We want to make sure the community knows we are indebted to them as well," said Perry. "It also aids in their education. When the kids see that they have materials to do the work, they are more successful."

They say the appreciation and smiles on kids faces in this community today was overwhelming.

"To hear a parent say thank you...that's enough," said Henry Covington. "To know you've done something to change someone's life."

Chatham County says there are over 1,000 kids who are homeless in the area. Most of them come from low low-income families, so this fraternity says it was important to bring this event a few feet away from their front doors.

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