Statesboro community mourns Swainsboro plane crash

Statesboro community mourns Swainsboro plane crash

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Members of the community are reaching out to the Jumping Place, a skydiving business that suffered a tragic loss when one of it's plane crashed in Swainsboro on Saturday afternoon.

The business had just opened up the Jumping Place in Swainsboro a few days prior to the crash, as the Statesboro airport has been closed due to road construction.

People who live in the area near the Jumping Place distraught after four people lost their lives in the crash, saying how sad this is for the small community of Statesboro. They say nothing ever really happens here and it's a quiet area where everyone is just like family.

One woman says she lives near the airport in Statesboro and one of her favorite things growing up was watching the airplanes take off and watching the jumpers get ready to skydive.

"It's really awful to hear because it's scary that I would see kind of that happen every day," said resident Amy Presley. "The fact that they just started a new place and that happened immediately...that's just really sad."

Presley says it's a miracle that one person survived.

"I can't even imagine to think what they might be thinking during that time or what they went through," Presley said. "What they saw because if they are alive it's very well they could have seen the plane go down and saw maybe the fire and saw the people they were with. Maybe their friends pass away and it's just awful to think about."

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