Beaufort County handing out free sandbags

Beaufort County handing out free sandbags

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - People in Beaufort County are still taking precautions even though they are not evacuating.

Some people are protecting their property just in case. Beaufort and Jasper counties are two of those counties that are no longer under a mandatory evacuation, but some businesses and residents aren't taking any chances.

A line of people waited in Beaufort County Tuesday for sandbags that were handed out at no charge. Beaufort County Fire Department, Public Works, and many other volunteers all helped bring the sand in, bag it, and load each person's car. The fire chief says around 1,200 bags of sand were given out. Some residents say they are glad the mandatory evacuation is lifted, but if they are staying in the area, they want to be prepared.

"We're putting up our storm shutters, taking in all of our furniture, just trying to get as much food and water as we can," said Krista Morrow, resident, Beaufort County.

Officials say they will continue to monitor Florence, and their biggest priority right now is safety.

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