I-16 WB backed up in Southeast Georgia due to evacuee traffic

I-16 WB backed up in Southeast Georgia due to evacuee traffic

CANDLER CO., GA (WTOC) - Plenty of South Carolina evacuees are headed north on I-95, but a lot of others are headed west, further into Georgia.

Traffic on I-16 looks to be a little heavier than the normal Thursday afternoon westbound flow. The gas pumps at Clifton's in Candler County looked like pit row at a Nascar race as evacuees fueled up to keep heading toward Macon or Atlanta. Danielle Francies left Bluffton Thursday morning to stay with family in Indiana.

"They were back and forth with the evacuations," Francies said. "I finally figured the safest thing for me and the four kids I have is to just leave."

Frankie McLaughlin made the trip to Hardeeville and back to evacuate her son's belongings.

"All these mounts. We have a goose and these ducks and deer. He wanted them so Mama had to get them," McLaughlin said.

Karen Ross and her family headed west from Charleston, knowing what a hurricane like Florence can do to the coast.

"We take them seriously," Ross said. "We did live through Hugo and that will get your attention."

All three agreed hours and hours of driving beat taking their chances with such a storm so close to home.

This level could continue even after Florence makes landfall in the Carolinas. Then, at some point, it'll turn eastbound as people return home.

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