Savannah City Council awards construction contract for new arena

Savannah City Council awards construction contract for new arena

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The contract for a construction manager for the new arena was back on the table for discussion Thursday at Savannah City Council.

Over the past two weeks, council members have met with city staff to make sure they're comfortable with the recommended contract award, especially after an error in the application process.

Three companies put their hats in the ring for the multi-million dollar job, AECOM-Hunt getting the nod from city staff. However, millions weren't calculated correctly in their bid, and while the error was caught and corrected, it still led some on council to express their concern that an error occurred on such a major project.

One of the other companies being considered, JE Dunn, appealed the contract award recommendation. That was ultimately voted down by council. For future bids and applications, city staff acknowledged after the confusion with this process, change is needed.

"There was some confusion with respect to the form itself, so we have to revise that form and make it a little clearer, and in terms of moving forward, just in general, it's incumbent upon staff certainly from the city manager's position on down, to check all the numbers when they put together an agenda report that comes before this body," said Rob Hernandez, Savannah City Manager.

All but one council member, Alderman Tony Thomas, voted to award the construction manager at-risk contract to AECOM-Hunt.

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