Rescue crews from Coast Guard Air Station Savannah on standby to deploy

Rescue crews from Coast Guard Air Station Savannah on standby to deploy

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Coast Guard Air Station in Savannah deployed three helicopters to the Carolinas Friday for rescue efforts.

The crew tells us they've been on standby for a week, waiting for the moment to deploy to devastation and help with rescue missions. They'll get as close as they can to the storm. Helicopters already on scene have found hundreds of people caught in flooding, and they want you to know the best way to signal their crews so you can be rescued immediately.

"If it's nighttime, flash a flashlight," said Commander Brian Erickson, Commanding Officer, Coast Guard Air Station Savannah. "Try and get to the highest point of your house safely. Use bright clothing or bright blankets to mark yourself, or typical signs of distress."

The commander also says flooding could remain a problem for days, so even if the major wrath of the storm has passed, be extremely careful.

"Coast Guard is responding right now. We have assets. An H-60 helicopter is in the affected areas in North Carolina right now," Erickson said. "We have just launched them from Air Station Savannah, three assets to proceed up the South Carolina coast. They're going to go as far as they can to conduct any searches for signs of distress."

We will continue to monitor rescue efforts throughout Friday evening and we'll be checking in with the Savannah airport on flight status updates as well.

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