Cajun Navy looking for local help, supplies to aid storm victims

Cajun Navy looking for local help, supplies to aid storm victims

RINCON, GA (WTOC) - As damage from Hurricane Florence is assessed in the coming days and weeks, one thing is for sure. Donations of everyday items will go a long way to help those affected to recover.

The donation gathering effort is already underway locally. Scott Thompson, Chairman of Effingham County's Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, is helping coordinate drop-off locations around the area to gather supplies that are stacking up at the United Way office in Rincon.

Donated supplies will also go toward helping the efforts of a fleet of volunteers, the Cajun Navy, who've brought in hundreds of boats to aid in the recovery effort of those stranded by floodwaters in North Carolina.

On the supply front, Thompson hopes numbers of those donated items start to pick up, knowing there will be a massive need soon.

"Now I'm hoping that people who did buy all their supplies and stuff, now start donating them to our neighbors in the north, because obviously, we see the flooding is very bad up there and a lot of people did not evacuate like they were supposed to, so there are a lot of rescue efforts and stuff going on and they are needing everyday stuff, because it's pretty much been washed away."

Thompson says Cajun navy volunteers are looking for help.

"They said they have approximately 500 boats on the ground now, but they're still needing more because the response is so large," Thompson said. "Not all people evacuated like they were supposed to, so there is still a large number of people that are stuck in attics, roofs, you name it, they're stuck in their homes and can't get out because of the floods."

If you have a boat and want to see how you can help, you can call 912.663.5457

Here's a list of drop-off locations and supplies still needed:

United Way

711 Zitterour Dr

Rincon, GA 31326

Mon – Fri  8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Thompson Hardware

109 West Central Blvd

Guyton, GA 31326

Mon – Sat 8 am to 6 pm

Grand Lake Club at Southbridge

815 Southbridge Blvd

Savannah, GA 31404

Mon – Fri 5:30 am to 8 pm  and  Sat – Sun 8 am to 4 pm

Savannah Air Factory

25 Posey St

Savannah, GA 31406

Mon – Fri  8 am to 5 pm

Chatham County Sheriff's Department

1050 Carl Griffin Dr

Savannah, GA 31405

24 hour location

Savannah Harley-Davidson

1 Fort Argyle Rd

Savannah, GA 31419

Mon – Sat  9 am to 6 pm  and  Sun 12 – 6 pm

Bryan County Fire Dept – Station 7

5995 Hwy 204

Ellabell, GA 31308

Mon – Fri  7 pm to 9 pm

Nine Line Apparel

450 Fort Argyle Rd

Savannah, GA 31419

Mon – Fri  9 am to 6 pm

EOM Operations

480 Edsel Dr

Suite 100

Richmond Hill, GA 31324

Mon – Fri  8 am to 5 pm


Non-Perishable Food


Can Openers




Alcohol Pads & Liquid

Cleaning Supplies

Personal Hygiene Items





Infant Formula

Dog and Cat Foods/items

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