Top Teacher--Tracy Snider

Tracy Snider
Tracy Snider

Collins, Georgia, is a tiny town in Tattnall County, and as little as the community may be, they have teachers who are big on education.

Tracy Snider isn't your typical teacher. "I just do what feels natural, what feels right," he said.

He barely uses the board. And books? "I don't have a book to go by."

He teaches purely by knowledge. He's with the middle school students in his gifted class two days a week. Then, on the other days, he works with elementary age kids.

Right now, the gifted class is working on a variety of projects inspired by Snider's hobbies. "I paint, I fly RC airplanes, I also do amateur radio," he said.

Not only is his teaching style unique, but so is his schedule. "I have retired from full time teaching so I just go full time on Tuesdays and Thursdays and half days the rest of the week. It's great."

Great because it gives him time to give back. He's involved in a handful of community service organizations and he goes on mission trips regularly. "I've been going on mission trips every summer to Honduras," he told us.

And every payday, he gives a large portion of his paycheck to help the people there. That makes the benefits of teaching twofold he says, because he can help students learn here and help others overseas all at the same time.

Tracy Snider, this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,