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Hometown Hero--Randy Newman

Randy Newman Randy Newman

For southern Bulloch County, the annual Brooklet Peanut Festival is the biggest event of the year, and was a huge success this year. The festival is currently under the direction of Randy Newman, a man who has made it his mission to make Brooklet a great place to live and visit.

Since 1990, the peanut festival has been the town's premier event, attracting thousands of visitors to this small rural community. When the original organizer of the event, Dot Roebuck, wanted to step aside, she immediately thought of fellow committee member Randy Newman.

"I had asked him to think about the possibility of taking over when I step down, and he was reluctant to do it because there is a lot responsibility," she said. "But he can shoulder responsibility and does a good job with it."

It turns out Newman was the best choice to take over. Under his leadership, the festival has grown beyond anyone's expectations.

"I think last year's peanut festival was the best one we've had," said Roebuck. "Each year it grows as far as attendance is concerned. People seem to like Brooklet and want to come back to it. It is a unique little town."

Newman has had job offers in Savannah, Atlanta and a few other larger cities. But his heart is in Brooklet.

"I love the town of Brooklet," he said. "I've always--except for a few years when I was in college I lived in Statesboro--I've lived in Brooklet all my life except for that small amount of time."

As soon as you set foot in the city limits of Brooklet and mention the name Randy Newman, you will get a response. Everyone has something good to say about Randy Newman.

"I think any time you see anything in Brooklet, Randy is always here," said resident Tim Strozzo. "He's been on city council for a while now. He's a man about the community for sure."

Officially, Newman is the Bulloch County building inspector. Just recently, he saved the town more than $100,000 on the renovation of city hall.

Whether it's peanuts or property, for his dedication to his hometown of Brooklet, Randy Newman is this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com

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