Flooding Problems Continue in Midway

Phillips Road
Phillips Road

The flood waters may be going down, but it's still causing major problems in Liberty County. Some roads are clearing, others have even more problems. Today, it was school buses having a hard time just getting to students.

The flooding problems on Phillips Road in Midway won't go away. "I have a minivan and it bottomed out trying to cross this thing," said resident Kris Elliott.

It only gets worse. Elliot is one of more than 20 people--seven families altogether--living on the dead end of Phillips Road. Orange cones mark where the road is unstable.

"If an ambulance can't get through, what are we going to do?" she asked.

Saturday night, the situation got worse when the road was washed out. In places, it remains deep.

School bus driver Barbara Fletcher says she won't even try to get down Phillips Road. "Parents have to bring their kids up to the head of the street, or they don't go to school at all," she said.

She says Liberty County officials have tried to fix the problem, but what they need is a new road. "They brought our two loads of rock, and we thank them for that, but it's not helping."

"You're looking at another six to eight loads of rock so buses can get down here," said Elliot.

That's another problem. "They said they were out of rocks on Saturday," Elliot told us.

While the front end of Phillips Road dries out, Elliot hopes something is done about the dead end, because she has no plans of moving. "I like where I live."

Since today is a holiday, Elliot says they were told more help would be in Midway tomorrow.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com