Website Matches Local Carpoolers

Filling up your car may not cost as much as it did a few weeks ago, but you're still shelling out a pretty penny. The average price dropped from around $3.40 a gallon to $2.71. But that's still making some people pause when it comes to driving.

And a long commute is an extra burden.

"I worked in Savannah before," said Jane Paige D'Huyvetter of Hilton Head Island. "And I'm like, 'That's not going to work.' It costs me more money to get here than I'm making."

What about sharing the pain at the pump by carpooling? "I would, yeah," she told us. "I haven't really had the opportunity, cause not a lot of my friends live near me. But I would definitely, definitely carpool."

We spoke with a lot of drivers today filling up at these prices, and for the most part, they say they're open to the idea of sharing rides. But how do you find people to carpool with?

One local company, United WebWorks, says it's put the solution online. "I think people should carpool if they have that opportunity," president Andrew Reilley told us. "I think there's a lot more opportunity out there than we think there is."

Reilley wants drivers to find that opportunity on, which he developed as a community service to get local people together for carpooling.

"This trick was to keep it from getting too sophisticated," he said. "What it does is allow people to sign up anonymously. They can put a carpool on the web, advertise it to a whole bunch of people."

The site is very simple. The system publishes your trip details, but not your address or contact information. Then it sends you any requests and you decide whether to respond.

And you might just find someone to make filling up a little easier.

The service is free and, again, keeps your information private till you decide to contact people, which is always a good thing online.

Reported by: Charles Gray,