Principal Denies Savannah High Lockdowns

Was Savannah High School put on lockdown three times last week? Students and parents say yes, but the principal tells a different story. Principal Walter Seabrooks admits there was at least one fight last week, but he wouldn't call the action he took a lockdown.

The first-year Savannah High principal admits 400 extra students after redistricting is causing some tension. "When you have a number of teens together, there will be some differences," he said.

Last week, Seabrooks says a fight did break out, but the only action he took was adjusting the lunch schedule. "We decided to divide the lunches into quadrants, four lunches as opposed to three," he said. "Some people may have thought it was a lockdown. It was not a lockdown."

Savannah High is now 1,300 students strong. Seabrook says outside influences do find their way in from time to time. "I'm not going to say there is or is not gang activity of some kind. But in any community like this one, there is going to be a lot going on."

Lockdown or not, he says, when the learning process is in jeopardy, students will be protected. "There are times when we will keep students in a particular room when the situation may dictate," he said. "There was not a three-day lockdown. I don't envision that at any time."

Seabrook says they will use lockdowns when there is a drug search, and he says standard procedure is 30 minutes at the beginning and end of each class period, students are not permitted to move about. He says that may have been misconstrued as a lockdown.

Parents can learn more about Savannah High on October 22. Parent University will be held from 9am until 1pm, so parents can come in and see how day-to-day operations are handled at the school.

Reported by: Don Logana,