Top Teacher--Donna Loyd

Donna Loyd
Donna Loyd

A caring teacher can make just about any class pleasant. That's the philosophy of Savannah Christian teacher Donna Loyd. Her 11th grade English class is hard at work and Loyd is making sure they stay on task.

"I'm usually moving around and talking to kids," she said. "I try to be involved and engaged in the classroom."

In addition to English, Loyd also teaches drama and she loves every minute of it. "I remember several years ago, I had a student say 'You actually like this stuff?' And I love it because I actually get a kick out of literature or writing or something like that."

This is one of those teachers who is adored by all her students. And it shows. A ceramic apple declaring her the number one teacher was a gift from one of Loyd's former students a few years ago.

"Every once in a while, I pull that out and put it on my desk if I'm having a bad day, I makes me feel better," she said.

And that's what she tries to do with every person who walks through her door. So, she chose a box of Kleenex reading "Welcome" to place beside her doorway.

"I want to create an atmosphere of welcoming and I think I do that," she said. "I have kids say they can take a deep breath and they enjoy coming to class. So to me, that's an achievement I'm proud of."

Donna Loyd, this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,