Student Banned from Campus After Bottle Bomb Incident

An 18-year-old Georgia Tech student accused of making a bottle bomb that exploded on a school janitor and forced dorms to be evacuated is out of jail this morning. A judge reduced Theodore "Thad" Hollot's bond and banned him from campus.

Hollot, an engineering major, told police he threw as many as 12 bottle bombs from his room. One of them exploded on a custodian, who says he now suffers from headaches and hearing loss.

"It's more like a blast," said the victim, who only gave the name Stan. "The echo lasted a while but it's, I can't describe it. I've never been in that situation before. "

Stan is also upset that Hollot was released after spending less than 24 hours behind bars.

Hollot says he regrets his actions and awaits charges. In the meantime, his friends think police are overreacting and have started a "Save Thad" internet campaign.