Top Teen--Leia Edenfield

Leia Edenfield
Leia Edenfield

Leia Edenfield's as busy as she can be and keeps her grades at the top of the class. It's her last year at Savannah Christian, but her classes aren't like those of the other seniors.

"I like writing and reading," she said. "Were doing Othello right now." That's for her English class.

But two other books she's reading are in French. "One's a play--a comedy--and the other's from an anonymous author from 1420."

Leia is one of four students in the entire school taking French 4. She's so advanced that she rarely attends an actual French class, because the teacher put her on an independent study schedule. Leia earned it. Her grades are outstanding.

"My lowest grade right now is a 97, and I have a 104 in calculus, a 104 in French 4, a 104 in French 3 and a 103 in English," she said.

And to boot, she's involved in a handful of clubs. "National Honor Society, Beta Club, Key Club, Fine Arts Club."

As for college, she's going for top schools. "I'm applying to Harvard, Yale, Duke, Emery, Georgia, Georgia Tech," she said. "The number one school I want to go to is Duke, so I hope to get accepted there."

Leia Edenfield, this week's WTOC Top Teen.

Leia isn't exactly sure what she wants to major in when she gets to college. But right now, she's leaning toward pre-law, chemistry or education.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,