Turns Honored with Building Dedication

Bobby Turns at today's ceremony.
Bobby Turns at today's ceremony.

There was a very special building dedication today at Windsor Forest High School. The new concession stand is not very big, but its significance is huge. It's officially dedicated as the Robert J. Turns Building, in honor of the late CW4 Robert Turns, who died of cancer earlier this year.

His son, Windsor Forest athlete Bobby Turns, built it as an Eagle Scout project, with help from friends and family, including his dad.

"He was up here," said Lynnette Turns. "Not his blood, but sweat and tears are in it. He didn't live long enough to see the Eagle Scout ceremony, but he was there."

"I really wasn't expecting to get it dedicated," said Bobby. "But Mrs. Herman came up to me a few weeks ago saying she wanted to dedicate it to my dad and call it the Robert J. Turns Building and I said 'Hey, that's fine.' I think he deserves it."

Turns' unit, the Nightstalkers Special Operations Aviation Regiment, turned out en masse for the brief ceremony.

Reported by: Sonny Dixon, sonnyd@wtoc.com