Local Teacher Gets National Recognition

Betty Morgan
Betty Morgan

One local educator received some national recognition today. If you opened up USA Today this morning, chances are you saw Betty Morgan's name. She's the in-school suspension teacher for Hubert Middle School and a member of the Air National Guard.

Now's she's the winner of honorable mention for the USA Today All USA Teacher Team. Morgan said she is shocked to learn that she is the only teacher in Georgia on the team.

"Not many people know, but one teacher's class, all of them cheered and clapped and hollered when I walked in," she told us. "I said, 'Thank you, thank you thank you.' I'm trying to put Hubert on the map, just keep it on the map."

She says she believes in teaching respect and manners and doesn't tolerate people who don't have either one.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com