Hometown Heroes--John and Mozelle Clemmons

Mozelle and John Clemmons
Mozelle and John Clemmons

For the first time in its history, Junior Achievement has inducted a couple into the Savannah Business Hall of Fame. John and Mozelle Clemmons have been major players in Savannah's business, education and social arenas for decades.

John started out as a sharecropper in north Georgia, later becoming chairman of the Department of Mathematics and Physics at Savannah State University. "He has been a living example and role model of that value that we need to get back to," said Mayor Otis Johnson. "It doesn't matter where you start, if you have ambition and you are willing to work hard and you do the right thing that you can achieve."

Mozelle joined her husband as an educator, teaching language arts at Tompkins High School. Between them they logged a total of 75 years of service to students in the Southeast.

Mozelle was also a strong supporter of the NAACP at a time when most teachers were afraid to speak out. "Let me tell you one thing, if it had not been for Wesley Law, this community wouldn't be what it is today," she said.

"She was a great facilitator has been a great facilitator of people from all walks of life," said attorney Brooks Stilwell. "Opening dialogs, building friendships and really helping our community grow together."

John Clemmons got to know LB Toomer, the founder of Carver State Bank, who taught him a few things about money. "I saved a little money to go to medical school and I let Mr. Toomer guide me in the use of it," he said.

Clemmons served the community by providing affordable housing for people with limited resources.

"I would say Mozelle and JB are players," said Stilwell. "They have been big players in the development of Savannah in the last 50 years."

John and Mozelle Clemmons, newly elected members the Business Hall of Fame and this week's WTOC Hometown Heroes.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com