Day One In Gruesome Murder Trial Captivates Jury

It was an astonishing day in court today for the death penalty trial of Dorian O'Kelley, the man accused of killing a Chatham County mother and daughter and then setting their home on fire.

The heinous crime happened three years ago on Whitfield Avenue.  Investigators say Dorian O'Kelley and a friend, beat, tortured, and killed Susan Pittman and her thirteen year old daughter, Kimberly.  An autopsy showed Susan Pittman died from the beatings and Kimberly died from smoke inhalation.  O'Kelley's friend, Daryl Stinksi, is scheduled to go to trial at a later date.  If convicted, both could face the death penalty.

O'Kelley's lawyer, Steven Beauvias, told the jury O'Kelley is responsible for the murders and that the defense will not dispute the evidence presented in this case.  The defense continued that they are not trying to prove O'Kelley's innocence, they're just trying to spare his life.  Prosecutors say their evidence shows that O' Kelley doesn't deserve to live.