Top Teen--Shareen Clement

Shareen Clement
Shareen Clement

What does it take to be a great student? One young lady at West Chatham Elementary has some ideas. Shareen Clement loves getting up every day and heading to school. And, just as important, she loves being in the eighth grade.

"You have more freedom in eighth grade than you do in any other grade," she said.

Shareen's earth science class is one of her favorites. The other is math. She likes them both because of the challenge each class presents.

"There's always a question, you always have to find an answer," she said. "I like that you have to figure stuff out."

As for her grades, Shareen does very well in all her classes, with mostly A's. Not easy for just anyone, especially considering her extracurricular activities. "Basketball, cheerleading, and right now, I'm trying out for volleyball."

Her favorite of those three is basketball. Her father played when he was in school, so he got her started at a young age. "He taught me a lot, so I was like, okay, I'll play too."

And, thanks to her work ethic, she's doing well both on and off the court. Shareen Clement, this week's WTOC Top Teen.

Shareen definitely plans to go to college and says she wants to become a child psychologist.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,