Top Teen--Amanda Huffingham

Amanda Huffingham
Amanda Huffingham

There are a lot of great students with promising futures around, but we found one at Bulloch Academy with amazing ability in art. Amanda Huffingham is in the 12th grade, but her schedule is not the same as the other seniors. Part of her day is spent at Georgia Southern University.

"At Georgia Southern, I'm taking painting and English 101," she said.

And she's doing great in both courses. Her favorite is the painting class. But, at first it was struggle. "I didn't realize when I got into it that it was for those who had already taken the foundation program for the arts, but I'm really learning from it and I like it a lot."

Amanda is excelling in her classes at Bulloch Academy. And right now, her latest project is a self-portrait. She learned how to do that and several other things in a summer program in New York City at the Parsons School of Design.

"It was for four weeks and we took classes every day from 9 to 12 and from 1 to 4," she said. "And we got four credits for it."

That's one of the places she applied to for college, along with SCAD and the Pratt Institute.

Amanda Huffingham, this week's WTOC Top Teen.

Amanda is so advanced in art that she's in Bulloch Academy's independent study program.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,