O'Kelley, Jury Hear from Victims' Family

Heather Bailey, Kimberly Pittman's aunt, reads her statement in court.
Heather Bailey, Kimberly Pittman's aunt, reads her statement in court.

A jury convicted Dorian O'Kelley of murdering a Chatham County mother and her daughter. Now they must decide whether he lives or dies.

Today the jury heard evidence of O'Kelley's troubled childhood. They also heard from the family of the murdered mother and daughter about why O'Kelley doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy.

Reading from prepared statements, the family of the Susan and Kimberly Pittman, whom O'Kelley beat, stabbed and tortured, got to tell him and the jury for the first time what he took away from them.

"We cannot celebrate a family birthday without at the same time crying for Susan and Kimberly," said Kimberly's aunt, Tammy Campbell.

Kimberly Pittman was an eighth grader at Savannah Christian.

"She had a contagious smile," her sister Heather Bailey said. "She was excelling in school, tae kwon do and the Junior Sea Cadets."

Susan Pittman was a mother of three and a grandmother of two.

"I can't share my children's accomplishments with her," Bailey said. "There's such a void and such an emptiness every day."

Susan and Kimberly's family and friends sat through every minute of this trial, reliving their horrible deaths.

"Kimberly's last memories of her life were not of joy," said Charles Campbell, her uncle. "Kimberly's last memories are a nightmare, one that I would not wish on my worst enemy."

"There is a saying that time heals all wounds," said Tammy Campbell. "I stand before you to tell you there is no truth in that statement. There is no amount of time that can heal the wounds that were created on April 11, 2002."

The trial will pick up again tomorrow morning at 9am because the jury is sequestered and the judge wants to keep this moving along.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter, mpaynter@wtoc.com