Garden City Police Make a Huge Drug Bust --Thanks to anonymous tip.

It didn't take Garden City police officers long to know something big was about to go down. They found a storage unit full of drugs, and knew the dealer who would be coming back for his stash. " I acted quickly, I knew I didn't have much time," recalled police Sergeant Brian Hood," I called the units on the streets over and got them in place. Around 6:30, he came in, drove around to the storage unit, exited the vehicle and was taken down and placed under arrest."

Officers arrested 25 year old Antwan Terry. The drug bust netted six pounds of marijuana, worth close to seven thousand dollars, plus crack and powder cocaine. And that's not all, once officers searched Terry's car, they found a gun, and thirteen thousand dollars in cash. " It was a pretty big operation. We definitely put a dent in drugs in Garden City," said Sergeant Hood.

It's one of the largest drug busts in the history of Garden City.thanks to an alert citizen. The tip came in from someone at a nearby convenience store, who noticed Terry suspiciously coming in and out of a storage facility on a regular basis. Police said that one phone call, and others like it, will help them rid the streets of drugs.

"Because of them being alert in reporting this, we were able to take a large amount of drugs off the streets and a handgun, which could have killed someone," said Sergeant Hood.

A small victory in the war on drugs, and Garden City police say it won't be the last one. They plan to conduct more raids like this one in the future. Sergeant Hood had a warning for would be drug dealers. "If you're using Garden City as a safe haven to conduct your drug business, you need to leave, because we're coming."

Antwan Terry is currently in the Chatham County jail. Garden City police are still investigating, but said Terry is facing many charges, including trafficking marijuana and cocaine and possessing a hand gun.

Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti,