Top Teen--Amanda Markenstyn

Amanda Markenstyn
Amanda Markenstyn

She has a bright future and a whole lot of talent. Amanda Markenstyn is hard at work as usual, but this year is a bit different than all the rest. This year, she's a senior.

"It's been amazing so far," she said. "It's almost over. I can't wait."

And, being a senior definitely has its perks, making Amanda's last months at Savannah Arts Academy that much more special. "Almost every month we have a senior social, and the other month we went to White Water in Atlanta, the water park. It was awesome."

Amanda is a communication major, so she's honing her skills running camera for the school's daily television show. Plus, she's zeroing in on her photography skills in the school's dark room on a regular basis.

"I love photography," she said. Still photography, to be exact.

When she's not doing that, Amanda is playing on a local soccer team. And, that's something she wants to do when she heads to college next fall.

Amanda Markenstyn, this week's WTOC Top Teen.

When she does get to college next year, Amanda says she'll most likely major in science and minor in photography.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,