Unit Dedicates Headquarters to Fallen Soldier

A soldier salutes Cpl. Ramirez's plaque.
A soldier salutes Cpl. Ramirez's plaque.

Our Third Infantry Division soldiers are often terrorist targets in Iraq. A terrorist rocket attack killed military police Cpl. Aleina Ramirez in April. We spoke via satellite with her commanding officer, who says her fellow soldiers will never forget her.

Members of the Third Infantry Division's First Brigade Combat Team observed Veterans Day at a place simply known as Building 1000. Until, that is, today. The building now bears the name of Cpl. Ramirez, a dedicated soldier, a veteran also of Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

"What I remember most is that she sacrificed so much on a daily basis," said Capt. Brian Hallberg, her commanding officer. "She was always looking after her soldiers, going to get dinner plates for other people that couldn't make it to dinner. She was constantly studying to be promoted, to excel in the Army."

Her life and honors were proudly recalled at today's building dedication, so her name and her service will not be forgotten.

"They will see her plaque, they will see her memoriam and know that this soldier gave the greatest sacrifice, which was her life, to give freedom and liberty to the people of Iraq," said Capt. Hallberg.

It was a sacrifice those who knew her say was not in vain.

Among many honors the Army gave Cpl. Ramirez in life were the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

Reported by: Charles Gray, cgray@wtoc.com