"Road Dawgs" March in Veterans Day Parade

There was a very special group marching right at the beginning of the parade this year, troops from the Third ID who just returned last month from Iraq. They got a very warm welcome from everyone.

The men and women from the 416th Transportation Company, 260th Quartermaster Group or "Road Dawgs" based out of Hunter Army Airfield stood proud as they got ready to march in the annual Veterans Day parade.

"It was nice to actually see people who don't want to hit you or hurt you, and see green trees," said Pfc. Michael Dunn.

The group as a whole returned last month, some a little earlier because they were wounded. "I came back a few months ago from an accident," said Pfc. Michael Dunn. "I ran over a land mine and injured my leg."

Pfc. Dunn and the rest of the soldiers on the Humvee all received Purple Hearts for their bravery. And as soon as they hit the streets, the Road Dawgs received a standing ovation.

"It's a good feeling being in the parade instead of just watching it," said Spc. Sean Bryant.

And the people watching the parade felt good seeing these men and women back home. "It was, well it brought tears to my eyes," said Nina Ortiz of Savannah. "I'm glad they are here, they need to come back home, they need to come home, every one of them."

It was especially touching for those spouses who still have loved ones fighting in Iraq.

"It's a little emotional, but exciting," military spouse Melanie Tatom. "I can't wait till he's home."

Reported by: Kim Angelastro, kangelastro@wtoc.com