Burglary Suspect Indicted for Killing Dog in Oven

We have an update to a story we first brought you in August, about a family whose dog was put inside the oven when their house was burglarized (Burglary Suspect Charged with Animal Cruelty).

Today the grand jury indicted 19-year-old Alexander Davis on multiple charges, including animal cruelty, in a case which has brought about national attention.

Police investigators say they've never had to encounter anything like this. "This was probably one of the worst and most heinous animal cruelty cases I've ever seen," said Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Sgt. Mike Wilson.

It was a crime that started out as one of a half dozen burglaries for which Davis was indicted by the grand jury. But one additional charge Davis received stands out above all the rest.

"The fact that it was a burglary and in the manner is which this animal was killed is just reprehensible," said Sgt. Wilson.

In August, Police say Davis broke into a Savannah home on Phyllis Drive to burglarize it. He then took the family's dog, put it in the oven, and turned the oven on. When police arrived, they smelled a foul odor coming from the house, and quickly found out what it was.

Now three months later, this case of animal cruelty is still being talked about. "We're certainly pleased with the indictment that's been handed down," said Sgt. Wilson. "In fact this case garnered a lot of attention from around the state as well as the international community."

Alexander Davis is still in jail tonight, and according to police he's likely to stay there until his trial.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com