Family of Burned Dog on Suspect's Indictment

Zoe was burned alive in August.
Zoe was burned alive in August.

Imagine coming home and finding burglars ransacked your house. Then it gets worse. They put your dog in the oven and burned her alive. It happened to one Savannah family, and yesterday the grand jury indicted the man police say did it.

The DeLettre family is glad to see some progress, but they are still having problems dealing with what happened.

Why anyone would hurt, let alone torture and kill Zoe, a year-old puppy, is beyond the family's imagination. "I have nightmares thinking about what he did to her and she couldn't get out," said Angela DeLettre.

In August, police say Alexander Davis put Zoe in the oven, turned it on and left her to die. When Angela got home from work, she realized someone had broken in and smelled something burning.

She can't imagine coming face to face with the man charged with Zoe's death. "It's going to be real hard to see the person who hurt my dog and did this to my family."

Angela says Zoe was a part of that family, along with their other dog, Pepper. "He misses her a lot, and he's cried a lot because she's gone."

And she's amazed at the amount of support people have shown since their disturbing discovery, including some she doesn't even know.

Despite everything they've gone through, Angela says she's got reason to be thankful. "If he's so cruel to hurt a dog, he could probably just as well do this to a person. I'm just thankful that God had my daughter at cheerleading taking pictures that day instead of coming home before I was here."

Davis is in the Chatham County jail, charged with six counts of burglary and one count of animal cruelty.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,