26 Trees Added to Warriors Walk

The war on terrorism continues, and more soldiers from the Third Infantry Division are being remembered. Today Fort Stewart held the ninth Warriors Walk ceremony honoring those soldiers who were killed in the war since the Third ID deployed last year. This morning, 26 more men were honored.

Each one of them gave their lives, and now each one of them will be remembered in this special place.

"Each one of them is a hero," said Col. John Kidd. "We're glad for their sacrifices. We're glad that they dedicated themselves in the way that they all did."

Now being dedicated are 26 trees with the names of those brave soldiers who died so far away from home. "He will be very missed, as will all of them," said Rhonda Kenyon, a military spouse attending in support of the family of Spc. Russell Nahvi.

Wishing they had their soldiers to hold, those who are left behind held each other. For some family members, all they have left to hold on to are memories. Some even touched the names of their loved ones engraved in stone.

"It's very tough and very hard," said Kenyon. "I mean it's hard for all the soldiers' families right now."

Kenyon, whose husband went through basic training with Spc. Nahvi, says it's hard to believe that at 24 years old, he's gone. "We've known him for many years and we'll miss him, especially this Christmas."

"It's a pretty moving time for us," said Col. Kidd. "We're glad to have the families here. Some have come from a long distance. We have an opportunity to honor them as well as these soldiers that we're honoring for their dedication and sacrifice to the nation."

Since the Third Infantry Division deployed in 2003, 227 trees have been planted in memory of those soldiers who've lost their lives in the war on terrorism.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com