Community Spirit--J Chris

J Chris on the rooftop.
J Chris on the rooftop.

Radio personalities play the latest hits, and give us all the latest entertainment news, from the comfort of their warm studios. But we found one who left the creature comforts, trying to make a difference.

While you were snug and dry in your warm bed, E-93's J Chris was up on the rooftop of the Wesley Community Center. He came up with a unique way to reach out to those who need a helping hand four years ago. And he's been going strong ever since.

His effort just ended a last night after spending 36 hours up there broadcasting live on the radio, encouraging his listeners to make donations to those in need.

Without food, water or even bathroom breaks, J Chris remained on the rooftop. He climbed up there before the sun came up, around 5am Monday morning. Even though it was cold and storming, he had to do it.

"Thanksgiving is still on Thursday," he said. "The sun's going to be out tomorrow. This is a day of rain. I can't let that stop me."

All day and all night, J Chris broadcast live, encouraging his listeners to drop off donations of nonperishable food and clothing at the community center.

"I am telling them to put yourself in someone else's shoes," he said. "If you needed help, what would you want the community to do?"

And they responded with donations of all kinds pouring in all day and night. Wesley Community Center's clients are already reaping the benefits.

Executive director Tammy AK Mixon told us, "This is a way for us to be able to give something to let them know there's someone here in the community that cares about you."

"We're giving them a hand up, not a handout," said said John Hollingsworth, president of the board of directors. "These are people who are trying very hard to get back in society. Everybody who is part of this is either in school trying to get a job or in some job training position. "

While the interns drew attention on the street, J Chris kept it going above on the roof. As he put it on air, "Got to send big shouts out to everyone who has donated so far."

For this creative way of helping needy families, J Chris and Cumulus Broadcasting capture the WTOC Community Spirit.

J Chris left the rooftop about 6pm last night.

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