Holiday Help Needed for Longtime Children's Helper

Mary Scott
Mary Scott

At 80 years of age, Mary Scott has spent more than half of her life giving to children in need. But this year she fears what has become an annual tradition might become a thing of the past.

"In 1962, the Lord had led my heart to work with the young people and the needy children that need help," she said.

Looking over pictures that span more than half a lifetime, Scott says her mission to help children is in jeopardy. "As long as there's a breath in my body and I'm able to do it, I will do it," she said.

More persistent than ever, Scott feels she can no longer help these children on her own. But her age isn't what's slowing her down.

The problem is there are very few donations coming in this year. And with nine kids and 30 grandchildren of her own, she says she likely won't have enough money to buy toys and food for all the children who desperately need them.

"It don't make no difference what nationality, if they are black, white, any children," she said.

Helping feed and provide Christmas presents for more than 70 children last year alone, Scott says without help from the community, the children who rely on her for food and toys will go without.

"I just pray that the Lord will work it all out," she said. "The purpose in my heart is that I will do this every year until the Lord takes me out of this world."

A prayer she hopes will be answered so those in need will not go without this holiday season.

If you would like to donate nonperishable food items or toys, contact Mary Scott at 912.238.5547. Donations can be dropped off at her home located: 2205 Iowa Street, Savannah.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,