Suspect Flees After Fatal Shooting

The crime scene at Stevens and 44th Streets.
The crime scene at Stevens and 44th Streets.

Update: Police have identified the victim as Quentin Clark, age 23.

There's been another violent attack on Savannah streets. One person is dead and police are searching for his killer.

Police say a little before 3pm today, two friends started arguing near the corner of Stevens and 44th Streets. The argument spilled out into the middle of the street where one shot and killed the other before fleeing.

Police say the victim is in his mid 20s. They are not yet releasing his name, but say they do know who it is.

Because this all happened out in the open, they already have a good idea of the suspect's identity, but they have not yet caught him.

"We don't believe he's armed any more," said Capt. Bob Merriman. "But we do have a suspect that is loose in the area, so people should have caution. We're looking for names right now to match up with this individual, so we got pretty good leads on who the subject is."

The crime scene was fairly complicated because it happened just after school let out a couple blocks from Hopkins Middle School. Police say the children were not in danger.

Anyone with any information about this crime is urged to call police.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,