Hometown Hero--Freda Chalmers

Freda Chalmers
Freda Chalmers

The holiday season is a time many people get in the giving spirit. But some special people have that giving spirit every day of the year. One woman has been giving her time and energy to help others since she was a child.

Freda Chalmers has worked at Home Depot for 17 years. From the beginning she's been a person her fellow employees could count on in a crisis. When she found out that a coworker had a life-threatening kidney condition, she immediately started a fundraising campaign to help him and his family.

"She's been there since day one," said coworker Phil Mehrtens. "When I first got sick, she was right there to help. She's been there to help my wife and been there for my wife and son."

Over the years, she's helped dozens of people both at work and in her community, starting fundraisers to help fellow employees get through a crisis. In some cases, she even gets the company to match the amount she raises.

"A long time ago, my mother and father got burned out and a lot of people helped us get back, my mom and my dad back into the house," Chalmers told us. "And from then on I said my heart is going out to other people. Like people can come toward me to help me and my family, I can do something for somebody else."

Chalmers is currently working on a fundraiser to help an employee whose husband was injured in Iraq. She never seems to get tired of helping others.

"Not only is she our Santa Claus during this season, Freda is our Santa Claus 365 days out of the year," said coworker Tiger Belcher. "She goes out of her way all the time to find out someone who is in need. She goes out of her way every day to make phone calls to check on people who are out sick at work."

"I will try to help anybody that I can help that I know needs help," Chalmers said.

For all she does for her coworkers and community, Freda Chalmers is this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com